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Acne Light Therapy Pen
Acne Light Therapy Pen
Acne Light Therapy Pen
Acne Light Therapy Pen
Acne Light Therapy Pen
Acne Light Therapy Pen

Acne Light Therapy Pen

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Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment uses the power of light therapy for targeted treatment and treatment of outbreaks. Clinically proven to accelerate the reduction of outbreaks, this acne spot treatment uses blue light therapy to quickly treat acne without flaking or irritating your skin. Its patent pending design lets light surround a pimple for effective, targeted treatment, blue light kills acne causing bacteria. This easy-to-use, portable design is ideal for on-the-go acne treatment and leaves no mess or residue. Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment is FDA-approved, UV-free and chemical-free treatment.


  • Open the battery cover and install the battery. (Battery is not included)

  • Skin cleansing, apply some essence or apply a mask.

  • Switch on the device and the operating display lights up, the device releases the blue LED light, the treatment head heats up slightly; after 1 minute the temperature is kept at 42 degrees.

  • Hold the conductive metal rod, the probe will release the + 5V BIO electric current simultaneously with muscle and the direction of the lymph, move the device slowly on a face from the inside out, from bottom to top.

  • During the treatment process, the device emits a beep every 5 seconds, after 2.5 seconds the treatment is stopped, 5 seconds wait, the new course is started; depending on your skin condition, to set the treatment time, it is usually 10 minutes.


  • Promote the combination of protein and bone collagen, activate the skin, tighten the dissolved skin.
  • Effectively inhibit acne bacillus and improve red spot, oily skin and heavy sensitive skin, shirk pore, remove acne.
  • The special 415nm blue light in visible light kills the bacteria in the skin and pores.
  • The stability of the 42 degree heat and BIO microcurrent can effectively reduce the fat of pimples, allowing the natural pimple to accelerate.
  • Loose skin tightening, shrink pores, eliminate acne bacteria, it has a great effect on oily skin, severe allergic skin and red spots.



      • Model: KD-7910
      • Voltage: DC 1.5V
      • Current: 036A
      • Power: 0,9W
      • Stands: 1 file
      • Battery: 1 * AA battery (not included)
      • color white
      • Material: ABS
      • Article size: ca.135 * 19 * 19mm


          • 1x acne laser pen
          • 1x user manual

          Please allow 1-3 cm error due to manual measurement and make sure you do not mind before ordering. 
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