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Quick and Simple Skincare Routine for Lazy Girl – Get It Done in 5 Steps!

Quick and Simple Skincare Routine for Lazy Girl – Get It Done in 5 Steps!

Finding the best, quickest, and simplest daily skin care routine can be very tricky. In addition, the various products of skincare make you do not stop questioning of what beauty skin products that will work best for your need.

Skin Care Routine: Why Does It Matter?

Along with your growing age, your skin will experience aging too. This is a biological process that you can’t stop or avoid. However, you can slow the process down so you can look younger for a longer time. This is how the skin care routine will show its magic. With proper and continuous treatment, younger and healthy skin is not impossible to gain.

Simple Steps to Treat Your Skin

Basically, beauty tips usually require 5 simple basic steps of skincare routine that beautiful women should follow, they are:


  1. Cleansing

The first step for a simple skincare routine is cleansing. This action is aimed to help you remove dirt, oil, and sweat that gather on your face throughout the day and night. To make your skin clearer, make sure that you regularly cleanse it in the morning. It will help you to eliminate pores on your face and make it fresher. Keep in mind to know your own skin type before choosing certain products for your cleanser. Apply the cleanser product on a circular motion to prevent the forming of wrinkles.


  1. Tone

The second step is using toner. After removing any dirt from your face and makes it clearer, the toner will help you to remove any residue that has been cleared by the cleanser. In this way, your skin will be able to minimize the forming of pores and absorb the moisturizer. In addition, some toner products available in the market also come with antiseptic effects and PH balancing.


  1. Exfoliate

Simple skincare routine for a lazy girl also requires you to use exfoliate. This is aimed to help you remove dead skin cells that will block your pores. This step will be suitable the most especially for those with breakouts, acne, and blackheads. To exfoliate your skin, this is best to do it before moisturizing and after toning. To get optimum result, beauty experts generally suggest women do it three times a week.


  1. Moisturize

Moisturizing has a purpose to give your skin a protective layer so it will keep hydrated and moisture. In this way, your skin will look luminous and smoother. Just keep in mind that you pick up a moisturizer product that suits the most with your skin type. A moisturizer can be in a form of oil, gel, lotion, or foam. To use the moisturizer, you need to rub it gently in an upward motion into your skin.


  1. Apply SPF

This step should not be missed especially for you who do outdoor activities a lot. This is because the sun ray is very damaging to your skin and SPF will work to protect it. Make sure you apply the 15 SPF product on your face at the daytime. If you want to anticipate heavy sun exposure, it will be better if you use higher SPF.