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4 Ultimate Moisturizer Products for the Dry Skin

4 Ultimate Moisturizer Products for the Dry Skin

Do you have any problems regarding the dry skin? Well, beautiful women, it is indeed very annoying but it doesn’t mean there is no solution at all. Actually, the causes of the dry skin itself are quite varied starting from the lack of treatment, the lack of nutrition and water, to the fungi or bacteria infection. To solve the problems, you may need the hydrating product that is proven to be effective to moisturize your skin. What are they? Here is the recommended list.

RoC Multi Correxion 5-in-i Daily Moisturizer


The product from RoC is considered the best face moisturizer for many reasons. It hydrates the dry skin for sure and for the normal skin, the moisturizer keeps it soft and smooth. Meanwhile, it is also a good anti-aging product for the ability to get rid of wrinkles and dullness. Sure, problems like acne and dark spots can also be solved only after several applications. You can use it before going outside as Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 contained protects your skin from UV.

Elizabeth Arden Gentle Hydrating Cream


This moisturizing cream from New York is also really suggested for the beauty skin particularly if you have the problem of dryness. It is formulated from the pure water to hydrate your skin all day long. Some other ingredients included are soy and red clove extracts functioned as the natural collagen. This way, your skin is smooth and firm as well as it helps you a lot from the aging.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream


Kiehl is one of the brands that provide many products to solve skin problems. Of course, one of them is regarding the dryness. It applies the hydrating formula and also it is made from the natural ingredients to keep your skin moisture for 24 hours. So, you don’t need to re-apply it too many times in a day. Despite hydrating, it repairs the cracked skin due to the fungi or bacteria. Interesting, the way it repairs your skin is quite faster.

Estee Lauder Hydrationist for Maximum Moisture


This is one of the products for your healthy skin. The moisturizer is formulated to strengthen the protection layer so that the skin moisture can be improved up to 50% more than before you use it. Similar to the product from Kiehl, only one application in the morning, it will be kept in your skin for 24 hours. It is possible to apply the moisturizer before the makeup.