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When should we use between Lipgloss or Lipmatte?

When should we use between Lipgloss or Lipmatte?

Beautiful women, sometimes, when it comes to choosing the suitable type of lipstick for you, we often get puzzled on which type to use and the time to use each of them. Well, in order to choose between lipmatte and lipgloss, you may read this article to finish! Now, let us figure out the differences between the two kinds of makeup, shall we?




The first type of cosmetics that we are going to talk about is the lip matte. Actually, this one is just a variation of a type of lipstick. When it comes to this kind of mac, then, you surely have figured out that it is pretty durable once you have applied it onto your lips, have you not? Well, you’ve got that right: lip matte is a cosmetic that is pretty durable. Well, let us check out several facts about it, shall we?

Most experts in beauty tips argue that this kind of makeup is pretty durable, and that is true. However, though, its durability comes with a price: this make-up makes your lip become drier due to its formula. Although it is perfect when combined with a beauty skin, it would bother you more since you are no longer able to eat greasy foods so that your lips would not get ruined.

Since matte makes your healthy skin on the lips get drier, there are several tricks to do before applying it. First, you need to make sure that the lips of yours are wet before applying it or they would get dry and crack.

When to use:  Compared to glossy lipsticks and lipcream, lip matte is more suitable for people who are going to attend a formal event. You would not need to go to the toilet too often to make sure that your makeup is in its place. Now, let us check the lipgloss.




Now, let us talk about lipgloss. If you are a makeup geek, then, definitely, you have figured out that this one is a lip cosmetic that works by giving your lips a glossy look, hence its name. Well, most lip glosses have no pigmentation since the only goal they need to achieve is to make your lips have a shiny look. Most people would argue that it is more practical compared to lip matte, but it is not actually always the case. Although it is easier to apply, its durability is concerning and you would have to reapply it to your lips many times since it gets faded in relatively no time.

Well, although it recently becomes less popular than the matte, there is actually no reason why you should avoid it since it does have several advantages. The first is that you do not have to get through a series of bothering process. The second is that you would get a unique glossy look since not many people use it.

When to use: Well, since it is pretty easy to apply, the best time to use it is when attending informal events or when working in an office. Wearing lipgloss does not give you a striking look, a desirable appearance in a working environment. Now, you understand which makeup to wear!