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Everyday Makeup Tutorial Under 15 Minutes – Super Easy and Fast!

Everyday Makeup Tutorial Under 15 Minutes – Super Easy and Fast!

For all beautiful women out there, just keep in mind that simple makeup is the best way to embrace your natural beauty. There are many benefits that you can get by applying simple make-up. When another lazy day comes and you do not have much time in the morning, there is no better way than go back simple but elegant makeup. If you are looking for beauty tips and everyday makeup tutorial under 15 minutes, just find it in this following article.

What You Need for Simple and Quick Makeup

As the name suggests, super simple makeup also requires simple cosmetics tools to complete the process. All you need to get a flawless look in a relatively short time include primer, foundation, brow palette, concealer, powder, mascara, and of course, lipstick. Basically, the basic steps for every makeup process are just the same. However, you need to make sure that the beauty skin products you use are fit to your skin type. This is very important since the wrong picking up of beauty product will lead you to experience makeup disaster. In addition, when you choose the colors for lipstick, blush on, or eyeshadow, you need to consider the natural color of your skin to create a perfect result.

What to Do for Simple Makeup

Well, makeup geek, it is now the time to show you makeup 15 minutes everyday makeup tutorial that will change your look instantly.


     Step 1


First, you can apply a primer to your face. This is aimed to protect your healthy skin from any makeup residue you used before. The primer applied will also help you to keep the makeup stay for a longer time on your face. After that, you can start to use a foundation and apply it to all over your face. Make sure that there is no harsh line left and the foundation is well blended. Once you finish with the foundation, you can go with a brow palette. Fill in your brows with the item and look how amazing your appearance though you are still on the halfway.


    Step 2

The second step to do is quickly contour and highlight your face. This will help you to eliminate any dark circles. You can use a concealer on your forehead, under nose, chin, and eyes. Make sure that the concealer is well blended. After that, you can apply bronzing powder to the hollows of your nose, jawline, forehead, and cheeks to shape your face. You can also use the bronzing add some dimension on the creases around your eyes.


    Step 3


Next, just apply some mascara to your eyelashes to help you live your eyes a bit. You can also apply concealer on your brow bones to make them look perfect


    Step 4

Last but not least. Don’t forget your lipstick to color your lips and make them look more beautiful. You can pick up nude or neutral colors for daytime occasions and the brighter ones for evening occasions.