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How to Find the Best Lipstick By Using Your Skin Tone

How to Find the Best Lipstick By Using Your Skin Tone

Your lips are the most important part of your face. So, you need to pay more attention to this part. One of them is by choosing the correct lipstick that matches with your skin tone. For that reason, we have tips to choose the best lipstick, lipgloss or lipmatte, below.


Cool Undertones

Cool undertone is the skin tone that looks bluish, pink or red. A healthy skin of this tone will have the veins in your wrist that look blue. for this skin tone, you can use the deep and strong bluish-reds shades for your lipmatte or lipstick. The best beauty skin product you can try some cosmetics product, such as Julep Matte Lip Mousse in At Midnight and Chanel Rouge Coco in Etienne.


Warm Undertones

Warm undertones can be considered as one of the beautiful skin types.  You can find out about this tone if you see the greenish color on your veins in your wrist. So, the beauty tips that we can give to you to choose the lipstick product is use the red or orangey shade. This will create warm looks on your lips, which is perfectly matched with your skin tone. The result is you will be beautiful women you’ve never imagined before.

Now, for this type of skin tone, here are lipcream, lipstick, and lip matte product you can choose. They are Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Atomic Orange and Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Lost Cherry. They will become the best addition in your makeup product collection.


Neutral Undertones

This skin tone has wider compatibility with many types of lipstick product. therefore, you don’t even need to be makeup geek to know what the product that is compatible with your skin tone is. Basically, almost all products you can find are perfect for you. Just match it with your outfit and accessories.

But, if you still want to find out about what kind of lipstick you can use, here is our suggestion. You can use Nars Satin Lipstick in Afghan Red, Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lolita or Lipstick in Heroine from mac.



Now, you don’t need to worry when you do your makeup, especially for your lips. You just need to use the guide above to find the best lipstick that matches with your lips and skin tone. And of course, if you can choose the correct product, you can even turn into the most beautiful women with simple make-up.